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Business education for schoolchildren
About us
MBA KidsOpenUniversity is a private educational project. It is aimed at obtaining practical knowledge from the world's best practitioners and companies.

We find and organize programs in Russia and around the world that are designed and adapted to obtain business knowledge, entrepreneurship skills, management and business ownership skills. The format of the open university allows children, at an early age, to adapt to the world of business and professions. It can be: science, law, art, hotel and restaurant business, banking, IT, investment, as well as any other field of activity. It is important to instill the necessary skills and give practical tools for adaptation in any business in the future. It is the communication with successful businessmen and practitioners in various fields that forms the necessary patterns, ethics of the legal field, understanding of the laws of business in order to reach one's potential in business world!
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Business lunch | November 11, 2018
"Digital generation.
Bitcoin and Blockchain."
- What is Bitcoin and Blockchain. Myths and reality.
- To generation Z from generation Y. Howdigital technologies continue to change the usual world and how to find your calling in it.
- Cryptoeconomy on the world map. Experience in managing the digital revolution in Russia, Asia, America, Singapore and Europe.

Speaker: Liliana Pertenava
Venue: restaurant "Syrovarnya", Saint-Peterburg, Kovenskiy per, 7
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