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Law for children
About the program
Formation of legal culture
and legal literacy of children.

Create a holistic view of personal responsibility for antisocial acts under criminal and administrative law;

To teach children their rights and responsibilities at school, in the family and in relations with the state;

To form skills and abilities in the field of labor law;

Promote the development, formation and
strengthening of citizenship, negative attitude to offenses.
The main activities of the program
The course of academic studies of the University format in the main branches of law.
What is law?
What are the rules of behavior
of people in society?
Educational introductory lectures on law
What is a crime and what is the age
of criminal responsibility?
What is state?
Rights of the child regulated by international acts
and the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Rights and obligations of children in education
Block of topics related to children's rights
in various spheres of social relations
Rights of the child regulated by international acts
and the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Rights and obligations of the child in the family
Ways to protect children's rights in Russia
Practical classes in the form of disputes and game trials
Child labour: rights, guarantees and obligations
По изученным в рамках лекционных занятий темам проводится игра, в рамках которой ученики делятся на две команды «за» и «против» поставленной правовой проблемы. От каждой команды выбирается спикер, который при помощи остальных участников выступает с речью, защищая свою позицию при помощи выработанных командой аргументов.
Данный формат обучения позволяет глубже усвоить материал, улучшить навыки публичных выступлений, сформировать навыки командной работы и раскрепоститься.
Game trial
The teacher offers students an adapted plot of
the criminal case related to the criminal responsibility of minors. The roles of participants in the criminal process are distributed among the students on the basis of the code of criminal procedure (judge or panel of three judges,
Prosecutor, defender, defendant, victim, etc.).
Students with the help of a teacher prepare a speech on roles in compliance with the provisions of the code of criminal procedure. Class in the form of game criminal process
stimulates practical understanding of the theory of criminal law, application in practice of rules of criminal proceedings and formation of the negative attitude to commission of crimes, increase of legal culture in general.

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